Welcome to AssetWare Inc. Sports Photography

We are pleased to provide sports photography services to Northview and Southview High Schools.  Our goal is to provide the best images possible to commemorate your high school athletic career.  Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


We will use this space to address frequently asked questions

Q: How do you conduct business?

A: We will provide prepay order envelopes before media day.  An online version is available below.  Please fill in the form and have your athlete bring it along with payment on picture day.  Orders will be fulfilled and returned to the school for distribution.


                                                     AssetWare Order form for 2019-2020


Q: Do you proof the images?

A: In order to keep prices down and fulfilment quick and efficient we do not print or post proofs.  If you are not happy with your picture order we will either retake or buy back your purchase.